Positive Parenting
with a Plan
Succeed in the two major tasks of parenting

The first job of parents is to love their children. The second job is to teach, form, and guide them so they know how to live as a responsible happy adults. Our XYZ parenting model provides the structure needed to accomplish these two tasks.

We Help Parents

Empower children, manage oppositional behavior and defiance, teach agency and communion, build family cohesion, and a positive family culture


Parents are the executives of the family. They provide leadership through the establishment of rules, roles, and structure. Proactive rather than reactive parenting  is the key to success. The time, effort, and investment put into setting up a structure for parenting and family pays dividends over the years. 

Boundaries Choices Consequences

The family is the first place where children learn about boundaries, choices, and consequences. Families that do a good job with these developmental issues they set their children up for success as they go into the world and apply the same principles.

When families are at their best they are supportive, caring, empathic, and do a good job of balancing the needs of the individual and the group. 

waVe Families

Our providers use a program called waVe families. waVe stands for ‘with a Vision we all excel.’ We created this program to help parents and children work together. Too often children see parents as the sole obstacles to their happiness. With waVe families, the rules change and the obstacles change. Learn more by contacting us and turn your parenting from a battle to a blessing.