Group Therapy & Coaching

Groups and workshops are powerful modalities for healing and growth. The value of social learning and social connection is clear. These benefits show up in physical health and mental health. The Roseto effect is derived from a 50 year comparison of mortality rates between two Pennsylvania towns. The town with the strongest social connections had a significantly lower mortality rate. Rather than dying of heart disease people simply died of old age.

The Harvard happiness study, which has been going for almost 80 years, found out that the secret to happiness is connections and relationships; “good genes are nice but joy is better. (Harvard)”

Below are flyers for the current groups and workshops at. Contact us if you don’t see a group or workshop that you are looking for or to ask questions about our current offerings.

Expressive Arts Group for Women

This trauma-informed group for women will focus on building internal strength and resources to support healing, strength and resiliency.

Domestic Violence Support Group

Providing a safe, non- judgmental environment for members to feel empowered, heard and supported by others who also have experienced domestic violence.

Momentum Life Group

Young adults who need a support group for social skills and launch in life.

ISM Dialogue Group

Advanced group for couples looking to take their ISM dialogue skills to the next level

Neurotypical Partner Group

For people struggling with or wounded from the challenges of being in a Neurodiverse relationship