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Intimate relationships are a prime source of meaning and happiness in people’s lives. Why not invest in this area up front to achieve the best possible outcome?

Don’t Marry a Stranger!

Intimate relationships are a prime source of meaning and happiness in people’s lives. Why not invest in this area up front to achieve the best possible outcome?  We provide this perspective in addition to a model for dating success.

The dating world has changed dramatically in our digital age. It’s never been easier to connect with new people. The traditional process for online dating is to scroll through pictures until you find a person you are attracted to and make contact via a click, swipe, or message. While this is efficient it does create some significant problems. The dopamine driven mind takes over our behavior as the vast sea of beautiful faces pass by. Proper discernment and evaluation of a mate is overwhelmed by attraction and the potential for unsustainable hormone-driven thrills. It is information overload powered by attraction hormones.

But how many digital dates end up being a wise use of your time, money, and energy? How do you manage emotions that are driven by curated profiles depicting partial truths of attractive mates? The process can be downright dehumanizing.

Discouraging Statistics

Humans don’t have a good track record for finding and keeping long term relationships. The divorce rate hovers near 50% and of those that stay together less than 20% of those relationships actually thrive. The data is not very encouraging yet millions of people persist in their pursuit of the next perfect relationship.

Is it possible to take the best of what digital dating provides and add a layer of humanity?
Is it possible to re-humanize dating in the digital age?

waVe Dating

waVe Dating1It is essential to have proper tools and a strategy for managing this “human meets machine” big data problem. Welcome to waVe dating! waVe means With A Vision We All Excel. There are 2 phases and 3 parts to each phase of the waVe dating model. These phases and parts are depicted in the accompanying diagram. Dr. Thomas will guide you through each phase in the waVe process.

While dating can’t be reduced to a pure formula it shouldn’t be total emotion either. The human attachment process produces strong emotions that can derail even the most discerning person. The waVe dating approach integrates the best of head and heart to assist you in realizing the relationship of your dreams and ideals.


Working with us brings knowledge, perspective, and objectivity into your dating process. In other words you have a plan for managing your potential partners and filtering them down to the few that meet all your criteria. Embarking on this journey without unbiased support is a difficult proposition because human attachment is so strong. The drive for intimacy and desire to alleviate loneliness leads to false intimacy which does not last.

Instead of jumping on the latest dating site or hiring a high-priced matchmaker take some time to learn about yourself and what you want in a relationship. Start with a plan and reach goals faster and set yourself up for long term success.

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