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Couples Experts
ISM communication drives emotional connection

Our ISM relationship program will accelerate healing, hope, and forward motion in your relationship like nothing else. It integrates yet goes beyond other approaches and brings you the best strategies to achieve your relationship goals.

We Help Relationships

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Couples Counseling

We invest in a lot of things. What investments matter most? What’s more important than your intimate relationship? Relationships do not thrive without attention and energy, especially when emotional distance and the stress of life divide us. Couples therapy or coaching can be life-changing. You owe it to yourself, your partner, your family, and your community to work on the loving relationship which you intended from the beginning.

Get Help with Couples Counseling Sooner than Later

Couples counseling at Therapy InMotion

Couples usually wait too long before getting help. Relationship problems are easy to put off. One can avoid the issue, deliver the silent treatment, become passive-aggressive, blame the other partner, distract oneself from relational problems, and a host of other less-than-helpful coping actions. Because relationships are rooted so deeply in early attachment processes, they don’t just move forward in a sustainable fashion without any effort. Preventative maintenance is essential. At the first sign of trouble that persists – get help.

Relationship Renewal

We have developed a 7 phase relationship renewal program that your provider will introduce you to. This model is a combination of theory and action. The action occurs using concepts like social experiments and dialogue sprints. You will rapidly learn about your relationship and what is possible within your union. Learn more about our 7-phase model here.

Your provider will create an unbiased, safe, structured space for each partner to speak their truth. A thorough intake and history will be taken to understand exactly what your challenges are and what crises need to be addressed first. A wide variety of assessments are used to further identify exactly what is blocking you from deeper intimacy. Treatment is unique for each couple but uses evidence-based theories such as CBT, IFS, EFT, and tools we have developed that you can implement immediately. Accountability is also an important part of our work. This helps each partner know they are not alone. Change begins with your first session.


5 most frequent relationship problem areas: communication (63%), unrealistic expectations of marriage or spouse (62%), finances (60%), decision making (55%), power struggles (51%) (Stahmann, R. F., & Heibert, W. J. (1997))


Do you want to be right or in relationship?
– Thomas Lucking, PhD
Dialogue is not meant to resolve differences. Dialogue is meant to allow differences. – Pastor Clement
If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. – African Proverb


“Since my partner and I have known each other (about 20 years) I think we’ve never communicated like we did last session. I believe in synchronicity and people showing up in life at the right time. Meeting Dr. Lucking has been a moment of synchronicity for us.”
– Couples client