Christian Counseling

Faith based psychotherapy and life coaching.

A program by Therapy InMotion

Together we listen to the still small voice of God

Jesus said when two or three are gathered I am there. It is these words that inspire our therapy and coaching. Working with a provider who shares your faith can be an incredible asset to your healing journey. Values drive behavior. As a result, it is important that your sacred helping relationship be grounded in values that are supported by your faith.

Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” – Micah 6:8

Christian Couples

Christian marriage is grounded in two goods: unitive and procreative. God calls Christian couples to be a witness of the love that exists between the father son and holy Spirit. This is the unitive good that Christian couples are called to live out. God also calls Christian couples to be procreative. What do each of these goods look like for your covenantal union?

Christian couples do not live in isolation but are part of a larger community nurturing and promoting the reign of God.

  • Are these beliefs and values shared in your relationship?
  • How do you interpret or even disagree with these values?

These are central questions that our therapists and coaches will help you answer. From this foundation we help you build a life together that brings peace and a reflection of the reign of God.

Christian Individuals

Our faith-based counseling serves Christian individuals by integrating the best of psychology and mental health with the deep meaning and purpose that is grounded in your spiritual beliefs.

A critical component of mental health and spiritual integration is asking if your life is aligned with God’s call for you? When there is a misalignment we see depression anxiety and other mental health disorders surface. Spirit is deeply integrated with mind and body.

Our therapists and coaches bring their faith and spirituality into counseling sessions. This combined with our decades of experience, deep knowledge of human behavior, and our profound compassion for the human condition will help you find peace and walk humbly with God.


Including religion and spiritual beliefs into counseling makes a big difference. Research published by the American Association of Christian Counselors explains the benefits: “The religiously accommodated treatments had much greater spiritual effects on the patients than equivalent secular therapies. This was strongly evident for comparisons with no-treatment conditions and alternative-treatment conditions. Also, religiously tailored treatments were even starkly better in increasing patients’ spiritual lives than were strictly similar secular treatments” (Research on the Efficacy of Christian Counseling, 2022).


“ Hope is not defined by the absence of hardship. Rather, hope is found in God’s grace in the midst of hardship. Hope is found in his promise to give us a future.” ― Stuart Scott

“Evil is powerful, but good is more powerful. In fact, evil is so powerful that only good has the power to overcome evil. Darkness can be driven away only by light.” ― Jay E. Adams

“Most of us are painfully aware that we’re not perfect parents. We’re also deeply grieved that we don’t have perfect kids. But the remedy to our mutual imperfections isn’t more law, even if it seems to produce tidy or polite children. Children . . . don’t need to learn to be ‘nice.’ They need death and resurrection and a Savior.” ― Jim Newheiser

“You are sanctified by remembering and believing afresh that you are justified by what Jesus did on the cross for you.” ― David A. Powlison


“Since my partner and I have known each other (about 20 years) I think we’ve never communicated like we did last session. I believe in synchronicity and people showing up in life at the right time. Meeting Dr. Lucking has been a moment of synchronicity for us.”
– Couples client

“I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with my therapist and coach. I highly recommend them. I am truly blessed to have found them, and they won’t give up on you! Please don’t give up before reaching out to them!”
– Bridget