Autism at Work

Coaching, Consulting, and Seminars

Autism at Work
Coaching, Consulting, and Seminars

autism at work

We help individuals and teams in the workplace manage and transform the challenges of Autism into opportunities for success. We do this through coaching and educational seminars. Every worker has strengths and challenges. Workers on the Autism spectrum may have challenges with social interaction, perseverating, sensory processing, or situational awareness. This can interfere with daily interactions that are required to complete projects, especially projects that involve collaboration with colleagues or customers.

The challenges of being on the Autism spectrum can also be seen as opportunities. For example, the laser focus on special interests that is commonly associated with Autism can produce amazing work and rapid completion of projects. The different thinking or approach to solving problems can spark creativity and innovative solutions that Neurotypical workers may not consider.

Understanding and acceptance is the first step towards effective integration of people on the Autism spectrum into your organization. We can help with educational seminars and coaching that helps everyone understand the limitations and profound opportunities that a diverse workplace can bring.

With the right help the opportunities can vastly outweigh the challenges of being on the Autism spectrum.

Educational Seminars

We explain Autism, Asperger’s, and what that means for individuals and teams


We support management on how to best integrate and accommodate people on the Autism spectrum

Coaching and Assessment

Assessment for Autistic tendencies that include the 5 categories of Autistic behavior. Coaching that helps people understand their condition and how to transform challenges into opportunities.