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who we are

At Therapy InMotion, we are a diverse and creative team of mental health professionals with a wide array of skills, tools, and backgrounds. Our team provides marriage and family therapy, life coaching, Neurofeedback, and psychological assessments. We bring a vast array of resources to help everyone we treat. You’re not just getting one provider when you work with Therapy InMotion, you’re getting an integrative care team that supports your primary provider with a deep well of knowledge and experience. We work together to deliver the best mental health care for adults, teens, children, couples, and families. We solve the toughest mental health and relationship challenges.


Life is more than being happy, it’s about flourishing. Modern psychology has identified 5 ways to flourish. Happiness or positive emotions is just one of the five ways. Our team at Therapy InMotion use many modalities from talk therapy to EMDR to CBT to medication referrals to help you flourish. We’ll help you dive deep into your story, understand yourself, resolve trauma, and make meaning. We’ll help you shape your path and create habits so we can co-create the life you want.

“Let what comes, come. Let what goes, go. Find out what remains.” – Ramana Maharshi

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Our dedicated team members at Therapy InMotion have decades of experience working with Neurodiverse relationships, couples, parents, and families. This experience has taught us that words can be the biggest problem with communication. Our Island of Shared Meaning (ISM) communication model and mobile app adds a whole new dimension to communication. Guided by our certified ISM providers your relationship foundation will change for the better. You will experience measurable change rapidly with our social experiments. This is couples, families, parenting therapy and coaching like you’ve never experienced.

“What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility“ -Leo Tolstoy

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our approach

Our treatment approach is supported by team members who are academics, researchers, authors, and innovators. We write books, train other therapists, and create innovative mental health tools (I.e. our new ISM Communications mobile app). We begin with a holistic intake that enables your provider to gain a deep understanding of your story and challenges. From there your provider can draw on a vast array of modalities and additional diagnostics assessments whose efficacy is validated by peer-reviewed social science evidence.

Your one wild and precious life

Our mission at Therapy InMotion is to help you answer Mary Oliver’s timeless question: “Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” Life is hard but it's harder if we live without intention, mindfulness, and emotional maturity. Trauma, addiction, and attachment disorders derail life and relationships. Our therapeutic approaches accelerate and optimize your journey towards a well-lived, wild, and precious life.
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Adults, Teens & Children

Couples & Families

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We are Building Lives that Flourish and Relationships that Thrive

Asperger's Experts

“We struggled for years with therapists that didn’t understand Asperger’s…it is only now that we are getting traction and rebuilding our relationship – thank you Dr. Lucking!”
– Neurodiverse clients

Cassie is a Joy to Work With

“I was referred to Cassie Roving for help with family issues. Cassie is wonderful and it’s a joy working with her. She is bright, knowledgeable, kind and clearly understands my situation/issue. Her advice and guidance are excellent and have been very helpful in not only working through this issue but others we’ve discussed as well. I look forward to working with Cassie as part of my support system currently and for future needs that may arise for me.”
– Patty, individual client

Life Changing

“We talk about our life before Dr. Lucking vs. after Dr. Lucking. I certainly did NOT think we would be here. Thank you Dr. Lucking!”
– Couples client

Christine Gets Me

“I am really grateful to have crossed paths with Christine because I have been searching for a therapist that just gets it. I have had a couple of experiences with therapists and Christine truly stood out. She has a comforting nature that helps me open up about my feelings and thoughts. We have been meeting weekly for over a year now. She made me feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings only after a short period of time. I have been through some tough patches of my life during my time in therapy and it makes it’s a bit easier when your therapist feels like your friend. Christine is almost like a sister to me, I feel comfortable sharing anything without feeling judged.”
– Teen client

Katie Cares

“Katie is a great listener! She provides her thoughts at appropriate times and they’re not just placating but her truthful opinions. She comes across as caring, thoughtful, and engaged.”
– David P.

Innovative Tools

“I’m so thrilled that Neurofeedback is helping my child and social activities are improving. After our last session my partner confessed why he runs away when times get difficult. When he explained this I realized this was the first time I’ve ever heard so much honesty. The in-session work we do with Dr. Lucking combined with the support and resources provided outside of session makes all the difference – thank you Dr. Lucking for helping our family!”
– Family therapy clients

Amazing Neurofeedback

“Your last session was amazing. Wow. I was so happy afterwards.”
– Mike, Neurofeedback client

Now my Daughter Wants to go to Therapy!

“Christine, this if the FIRST time my daughter is looking forward to talking to a professional!”
– Parent client

I Trust Christine

“Christine has been an essential part of my personal development, guided me through the most difficult times of my life, and there is no one I trust more to discuss my fears, hopes, traumas, and feelings with.”
– Teen client

Truly Blessed

“I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with my therapist and coach. I highly recommend them. I am truly blessed to have found them, and they won’t give up on you! Please don’t give up before reaching out to them!”
– Bridget, Couple client

ADHD Diagnosed & Treated

“Therapy was something that I was always afraid to do, It got to the point where my depression and anxiety started to take over my life. School seemed to be out of reach since I was always having a hard time in class.

With the help of Katie, we came to the conclusion that I was suffering from ADHD. Once we got the diagnosis of ADHD, she started teaching me how to cope with it and use it to my advantage. Now I’m working on getting my masters degree in computer science and astronomy.

Thanks to Katie I went from hating life to looking forward to the next chapter in my life.”

Communication Breakthrough

“Since my partner and I have known each other (about 20 years) I think we’ve never communicated like we did last session. I believe in synchronicity and people showing up in life at the right time. Meeting Dr. Lucking has been a moment of synchronicity for us.”
– Couples client

Relationship Renewal

“Dr Lucking, you played a big part in our life for which we are forever grateful. We are doing worlds better than before seeing you. Mutual respect and good listening are making all the difference.”
– Craig, couples client

Nothing Worked until I met Christine

“Christine is one of the most caring and down to earth therapist. I’ve had therapy for a long time now, but nothing seemed to work until I met Christine. She listened to me and made me feel understood and cared for. She is easy to talk to and very patient if you are not fully ready to talk about certain topics. I am glad that I got the opportunity to have her as my therapist!”
– Teen client

Insight and Humor

“After several attempts toward finding the right fit in a therapist, I’m so glad that I didn’t give up and that I found Evan. He easily established rapport in an authentic way and we’ve been on a roll ever since.

Evan has a rare combination of a refreshing sense of humor, an insightful intellect, and an empathic heart. I look forward to our weekly sessions and they’re an opportunity to celebrate the highs and share the lift of the lows. Evan helps me navigate the existential complexity of behaving ethically in a national culture with questionable ethics.

I can honestly say that I feel like I’m looking outward with vastly improved lenses and more importantly gazing inward at a man that I’ve grown proud to become. Evan has helped me to better love myself and to love being alive in the present moment.

If any of what I’ve written resonates in a way that piques your curiosity, I encourage you to avoid hesitating and book a session with Evan immediately”
– Ryan M


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