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Jeanette Ayala-Rios, MS, APCC

Bilingual (English & Spanish) Therapist specializing in mood disorders, family relationships, trauma, & Neurodiversity

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor 11356
Supervised by Dr. Thomas Lucking, PhD, LMFT 97696

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Safe Supportive Therapy

Jeanette is a Registered Associate Clinical Counselor in the state of California who is supervised by Dr. Thomas Lucking. Jeanette takes a trauma-informed, mind-body connection, and holistic approach that focuses on understanding the whole person. Jeanette’s goal as a therapist is to provide a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space where clients feel safe to share and connect. Jeanette is aware that people seek therapy for their own reasons and the importance of tailoring her treatment and approach to each client. She is aware of the external factors (e.g., cultural expectations, familial expectations, environment) and internal factors (e.g., emotions, negative thought pattern, inner critic mind) that humans experience and considering this when co-creating treatment goals with the client.


Teen Therapy & Repairing Child-Parent Relationships

Jeanette enjoys working with adolescents who are experiencing challenges with anxiety and depression, emotional and nervous system dysregulation, negative self-talk and thoughts, peer and parent relationship issues, childhood trauma and pressure to academically perform. She focuses on providing a safe place to build rapport, and immediately introduces emotional and nervous system regulation skills at the same time finding the root of clients’ pain. She then works collaboratively to co-create a treatment plan that best fits the needs of each client. Jeanette has experienced success in family sessions by guiding the repair between a child-parent relationship. Jeanette wholeheartedly believes that repairing child-parent relationships is the key to promoting a healthier world and a fostering a positive change on an intergenerational level.


Neurodiverse Couples, Families, & Individuals

Jeanette works with Neurodiverse children, teens, and couples. She works under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Lucking, PhD who is a published author, speaker, and expert in the field of Neurodiversity. Jeanette supports NT partners who are experiencing challenges with social skills, identity formation, behavioral issues, OTRS (Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Syndrome). She uses the Island of Shared meaning model that Dr. Lucking created to support ND relationships and partners to bridge the Neurodiverse gap that these relationships struggle with.


Trauma, Latinx Community, & Cultural Sensitivity

Jeanette works with clients who are struggling to balance life and work, anxiety and depression disorders, grief, life transitions, relationship issues, trauma, PTSD, and who often feel emotionally dysregulated. She has an interest in working with her own community which is Latinx and the Spanish speaking community since Jeanette is a Bilingual Spanish speaking therapist as well as other cultural communities. Jeanette is culturally sensitive and humble and understands the importance of providing a space for people to feel safe to speak about their culture in therapy. Jeanette intentionally works to connect and empower clients to work together in their healing journey where clients are involved in exploring all parts of the individual and creating healthy practices and habits.


Practice Areas & Specialties

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • PTSD & Trauma
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Life transitions
  • Parenting
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Conflict
  • Neurodiversity
  • Grief
  • Self-Harming
  • Sex Therapy
  • Spirituality
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Career Counseling
  • Sleep or Insomnia


Clients Modalities Locations

Clients: Individuals, Teens, Couples, Families

Modalities: Acceptance and Commitment (ACT), Attachment-based, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Compassion Focused, Culturally Sensitive, Dialectical Behavior (DBT), Emotionally Focused, Humanistic, Imago, Jungian, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Person-Centered, Psychodynamic, Somatic, Trauma Focused

Locations: Telehealth (video/audio), Los Gatos Office, Saratoga Office

Jeanette is a member of Therapy InMotion