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Dr. Dale C. Dallas, MD, FASAM

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Dr. Dale Dallas serves as a psychiatric consultant for our practice. He has had a part-time private practice in Addiction Psychiatry in Felton, CA. Particular interests include the doctor/patient relationship, mind-body-spirit connection and enhancing healing through a strong self-care program including attention to diet, exercise, meditation and other stress management disciplines. While acknowledging the value of psychiatric medications, Dr. Dallas is always trying to help patients.

He graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in psychology, and from The OSU School of Medicine, and did his psychiatry/neurology internship and partial residency via the UC Davis program, stationed at the VA Medical Center in Martinez, CA. Thereafter, he practiced general urgent-care medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek, CA for several years before co-founding their Alcohol and Drug Addiction Program, and later serving as their Associate Chief of Psychiatry Services, and coordinating consultant for their Chronic Pain program.

Dr. Dallas’ non-professional interests include liturgical guitar and voice, woodworking and home remodeling. He has been happily married to Laura Dallas, PhD for over 37 years.

Dr. Dallas is a member of Dr. Dale Dallas, MD, FASAM